A custom, hand-painted mural is a great way to change a space! I offer a variety of design options that can be installed at a variety of sizes. Contact me to chat about getting custom artwork on your walls! 

P R E V I O U S   P R O J E C T S :

Project: Mission Grounds Coffee Shop | Evansville, Indiana
I installed two free standing murals in the Mission Grounds coffee shop located in the Washington Square Mall in Evansville. The space is now fully open! ( I tried their dirty chai and 'The Boss' drink - both were delicious! )

Project: Residential Bedroom | Carmel, Indiana
I worked with Amy of Of Place Studio on the design and installation of this multi-wall mural spanning abstract and striped designs.
Photos Courtesy of Of Place Studio

Project: Residential Nursery Closet | Indianapolis, Indiana
I hand-painted this organic herringbone pattern for a couple who were in the process of redesigning one of their bedrooms into a nursery!